From Mustard Seed to Movie Screen

Jesus understood the power of visual storytelling. Parables were simple stories that conveyed life-changing truth. What parables were then, is what film has become in our time. As craftsmen for the Kingdom, our goal is to share God’s heart through the universal language of film.

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KingdomWorks launches the world’s first streaming platform focused on inner-healing

The Church is ground-zero for people who are hurting, broken and addicted. Soul Refiner is a turn-key ministry that provides you or your church with proven, Bible-based tools and strategies that bring healing and restoration to their lives.

Your small groups will have all the videos, digital tools and resources necessary to help heal broken hearts and bring lasting change and freedom where there once was no hope.

Why We Exist

In our years of serving God through film, we’ve witnessed Him heal and liberate men, women and children. Through our work we’ve seen marriages restored and the next generation saved from a legacy of dysfunction. This is why KingdomWorks Studios exists, and why we continue to strive for excellence.

What We Do

We produce faith-based feature films, documentaries and church cinematic series. And we have even bigger plans for the future. As we move forward, we plan to stretch our boundaries as a studio, fostering innovation with each new endeavor.

We are in production, working on our next feature-length film titled 'From The Ashes'. How can pain and suffering be the pattern for God’s masterpiece? “From the Ashes" is about a woman who finds herself in a dystopic prison upon discovering her husband's betrayal. She struggles to solve the mystery behind her imprisonment, while fighting for her survival in a place of total despair.

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