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Mosaic Gulf Coast, Mississippi

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Ron Edwards

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The name of the group is Every Man's Struggle. We have been meeting approximately 3 years. Our first study guide was "Clean" by Dr. Weiss. For the last 2 years we have been using Freedom Fighters as our resource. While we have found this to be very helpful in our struggles, it is a bit lengthy. I and one other member of my group has already gone though the Conquer Series and decided we would use it when we finished up with Freedom Fighters. We meet every Monday night. We are meeting online using ZOOM meetings due to COVID. We we start back meeting in person, we would like to continue the online part as we have members who live in different locations and cannot attend in person. The group is for men, all ages, married or single. The wife of one of our members has a group for the ladies on Thursday night. If you have any resources for them, please let us know.

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KingdomWorks Studios, 2751 SE Monroe St, Stuart, FL 34997, USA.

Tel: +1 561-681-9990 | Email: [email protected]

KingdomWorks Studios, 2751 SE Monroe St, Stuart, FL 34997, USA.

Tel: +1 561-681-9990 | Email: [email protected]

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