Harvest PCA / Tun Tavern Fellowship (TTF)

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Conquer Series


Jeremiah Davis

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Attention Men: Fighting sin is hard work and it’s a lot harder when you’re ill equipped and alone. So, brothers, here is an opportunity for us to get equipped for the fight against sexual temptation & sin. Tun Tavern Fellowship will be facilitating a 10-part series hosted at the Harvest church building starting Sunday, January 13, 2019 from 1330-1530. Feel free to invite others. · Volunteers are needed to lead the small groups [tables of 5-8 men (8 max) remaining in the same group for the duration has proven to be the most beneficial] are critical, so please let me know if you are willing and available during this timeframe. · Books & Journal: not necessary, but highly recommended: Conquer Series Journal and new Conquer Series Study Guides for Volume 1 (videos 1-5) and Volume 2 (videos 6-10). Who: MEN - young (teens), single, & married When: 1330-1530 / Sundays (10 week series starting 13 Jan) Where: Harvest PCA Church What: ~30-45 minute video followed by small groups (5-8 men) for DVD discussion, mission goals, & accountability Why: to embrace the power of the gospel by turning to Christ along with other brothers in the faith in order to overcome our gult & shame and to grow in living out our true identity in Christ as God’s redeemed sons. Point of Contact: Jeremiah Davis @ 910-546-8224 or [email protected] In HIS Strength, Jeremiah ------------------------------------------- On TRUNEWS Now: See how porn affects your brain Hi Jeremiah, Watch Jeremy Wiles, CEO of KingdomWorks Studios and creator of the Conquer Series, and James Craft, restored pastor and founder of The Novus Project, on TRUNEWS today as they reveal the truth about... >>READ MORE

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KingdomWorks Studios, 2751 SE Monroe St, Stuart, FL 34997, USA.

Tel: +1 561-681-9990 | Email: [email protected]

KingdomWorks Studios, 2751 SE Monroe St, Stuart, FL 34997, USA.

Tel: +1 561-681-9990 | Email: [email protected]

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We exist to help further God’s Kingdom here on earth through the medium of film. We’re not a production mill that cranks out films by the dozen, rather, we’re film artisans who meticulously put a lot of love and hard work into reaching a level of excellence.

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