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Conquer Series


Justin Tarr

About This Group

Our group is scheduled to start on sept 16 2019 and will run for 10 weeks. We will be meeting at the church. New Life Christian Ministries on mondays from 630 pm to 830 pm. Both myself and Jesse scheller the other facilitator have gone through the conquer series at another local church Victory Family Church located in cranberry twp pa. I am also a facilitator for a Celebrate Recovery group that meets at our church every Thursday evening. I am a christian in recovery from alcoholism pornography nicotine addictions and a plethora of sin issues. I came into a relationship with Jesus in 2013 while incarcerated. 20+ years of abusive and hedonistic sexualized lifestyle and functional alcoholism created the perfect storm of destruction and deceit. With many people left hurt my marriage barely surviving I ended up in jail. Of course not knowing at that time God was revealing Himself and His Love and Healing for myself and marriage. Since then my wife and I have both accepted Jesus as our Lord and savior. Our lives and marriage have been completely torn down and broken to pieces. Which we are completely in awe and grateful for. We are both excited and totally dependent and expectant on God's Grace. Acceptance of It and the desire to share grow and live our new life In Jesus christ with the world. Some of the consequences of my sin carry life long burdens. Yet through Jesus I am free from the penalty of my sins. Which also means that through His redemption I am also free from the horrible lifestyle and lies that I lived for far to long. I have always desired to share this amazing news no matter how difficult and uncomfortable it may be for myself and also for my wife. So when I heard about and participated in conquer and read Ted's book. My spirit was renewed and so many of the miracles and the transformation that God worked in me became understandable and I realized that not only this meant a deeper relationship and healing for myself and my marriage but that also God was showing me how I could be part of the battle moving fwd. I felt called to pray up suit up and show up. So there is so much I have to be delivered from and learn. I am hopeful and jazzed about facilitating this group in our church. To be used by God to share the freedom that He has prepared delivered and promised us through Jesus. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via phone or email. I hope this answered the questions asked and a brief description of why I love Jesus.

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KingdomWorks Studios, 2751 SE Monroe St, Stuart, FL 34997, USA.

Tel: +1 561-681-9990 | Email: [email protected]

KingdomWorks Studios, 2751 SE Monroe St, Stuart, FL 34997, USA.

Tel: +1 561-681-9990 | Email: [email protected]

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