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Christian Berton

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It is only by the Holy Spirit that I see clearly how the enemy is just terrified of all that God my Father has called me to be, a "Fisher of Men." I'm a retired senior non-commissioned officer from the United States Army. I've served for over 20 years and am 100% permanently disabled, yet I am blessed to have my hands and feet and am called to serve. I see clearly my struggle and have attended several Conqueror Groups, one in Bluffton SC and the other here in Savannah GA. With the Savannah group having disbanded I feel compelled to pick up the mantle and give back, as giving back seems to me to be the only way for me to stay "sober." I truly believe that this series needs to be in more churches but as Dr. Roberts has said in I think the second video, you mention sexual immorality and everyone disappears or jumps ship. I've been approached to start a small group and this is where it's at. This is what I personally believe men suffer from the most and struggle with the most to recognize as cancer in their lives. I've personally heard other small group leaders shrug off pornography as if it was just a social norm and others joke about it. Well as an addict, there is absolutely nothing funny about it. It infects our heads our hearts and our families. It destroys marriages and families and eats at the very fabric of what once was the greatest nation in the world. No, I'm not bashing America, but if we are the biggest exporter of this cancer to the rest of the world, what does that say about us morally? I believe that it is a perfect example of just how morally corrupt and Spiritually bankrupt we have become as a nation and I'm ready to suit up for the fight. I am ready to get this ball rolling. In the Military, we do what's called "Train the Trainer" and that is what I am hoping to do here. Not just create a group, but give men of the community the knowledge to defeat the enemy and to take into the community hopefully to start their own groups in their churches. I have a calling on my life and there is nothing that is going to stop what God has started. I've been put through the fire for a reason and this is it. I've been called to the ministry and am currently enrolled at Point University, a Christian college here in GA studying for my BS in Family Christian Ministry and have been called to start "Fisher of Men Ministries," a men's ministry that not only teaches us to fight against sexual immorality but mentors young men ages 16-25+. So thank you again. I can't wait for the first meeting. Where ever two or more are gathered

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KingdomWorks Studios, 2751 SE Monroe St, Stuart, FL 34997, USA.

Tel: +1 561-681-9990 | Email: [email protected]

KingdomWorks Studios, 2751 SE Monroe St, Stuart, FL 34997, USA.

Tel: +1 561-681-9990 | Email: [email protected]

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