Conquer Series DVD Sets Volume 1 & 2

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Save $60 by ordering the Conquer Series Volume 1 and Volume 2 episodic series together. KingdomWorks Studios presents this powerful study for men, featuring 10 compelling lessons across two volumes by former U.S. Marine fighter pilot and senior pastor, Dr. Ted Roberts. The Conquer Series, unrivalled in its scope and authority, is a powerful tool that is helping thousands of men strengthen their families, grow in their walk with God, and become the leaders God made them to be. The Conquer Series Volume 1 and 2 bundle includes:

  • 10 compelling cinematic lessons.
  • A bonus episode with a leader’s training video.
  • A second bonus episode with a Call to Arms encouraging men to continue their journey to freedom after the Conquer Series.
  • Over seven hours of powerful teaching, expert interviews and cinematic parables that will help you renew your mind.
  • Biblical strategies, scientific facts and insight on how to use God’s weapons to become conquerors.
  • The Conquer Series is ideal for group or individual study.

For the first time in history, a cinematic teaching series on sexual purity is here to help men get to the root of the sin, while offering proven principles and practical tools to walk in freedom from sexual sin like pornography.
The Conquer Series Study Guide are sold separately.
Each episode is approximately 30-45 minutes in length.
Episodes include English and Spanish subtitles.
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What others are saying...

  9 customer reviews

  1. C

    Corrice S.

    This series is powerful! it gives you information that is practical to you working everyday to get free for the bondage of addiction. The inner workings of how the enemy takes control and how the power will be taken back. Is it work? yes. But it is work worth doing for your self, your family and the next generation.

  2. C

    Charles C. (verified owner)

    The Conquer Series are the best materials on the market to help Christian men recovery from porn and sex addiction. AA classifies persons who use or binge on alcohol periodically as Periodic Alcoholics. I am convinced of the statistics set out by Dr. Weiss and Dr. Roberts for Christian men falling off the wagon into porn. I was one of those guys. Since I “used” porn periodically and occasionally and repented and lived most days in repentance, I believed the lies of the devil that I was not a porn addict. Now I know that my periodic falls off the wagon into porn and impurity was much akin to being a periodic alcoholic, and had to confess to myself that I had a problem. I believe that most men in the church are in denial that they have a problem because their porn use is probably periodic and episodic. Such is not a lifestyle of overcoming as set our in Rev 2 to the church at Thyritira in overcoming sexual immorality. Thank God for these series produced by Dr. Roberts. They are the best tools on the market as we men are visual and Dr. Roberts sets out recovery in clear, concise terms, methods, and conditions in these highly visual and effective DVDs.. I intend to order Volume 2 of this series and digest them with the men;s purity group I lead in our church. Purity is holiness and Purity is righteousness. Purity is an adventure with Jesus into a world that Adam knew when he walked with God in the Garden of Eden. Purity is restoration for men reconciling them by the blood of Jesus to the heart of God. Purity is a daily choice and these DVDs are tremendous in learning to make that choice. Go Dr. Roberts Go.

  3. R

    Richard D.

    I’ve seen God use the Conquer Series to grip the hearts of men and bring about life change. We are concluding it today in my men’s group of 25 men from various churches in the Gig Harbor, WA area. Thank you for following God and producing this series! I look forward to using it as a tool for Men’s Ministry for years to come.

  4. M

    Mark P.

    Extremely well done. Not Christian cheese. Definitely not something we talk about much in church, so when we do it is great to have good quality material to present. Took a group of young men from a discipleship house through in the fall and taking men from congregation through in January, can’t wait!

  5. M

    Mark C.

    This is the series our church just completed, this truly is an anointed series that will change the lives of men if they will give the Holy Spirit freedom to work.

  6. T

    Tony J.

    This is not your father’s VHS bible study. The Conquer Series engages you from the title sequence and doesn’t let go until long after the credits roll. It is an initiation of life transformation, training you how to engage your enemy and giving you the tactical advantage you’ve been lacking in this battle for years. Powerful, Strategic, Spiritual, and Practical. You won’t want to take this journey on your own. Grab some men and become brothers in arms. You’ll be unpacking and debriefing this experience together, breaking free from addiction and claiming the victory that Christ has won for us all.

  7. B

    Brandon L.

    Having been trapped in pornography for over 15 years, this is the best money I have spent. The DVDs don’t make empty promises – they tell you how hard it is to get free. But at the same time, they show you how to find freedom. I wish every man who’s trapped in this sin would watch it because it would change their life. It has changed my life.

  8. B

    Briean H.

    I have shown the DVD 2 to our Betray and Beyond group. It was a great success. They are asking to watch the whole series. I will be showing the 4th one here soon. Thanks for the insight, they are amazing videos. We watch them together often!!! Amazing training tools.

  9. R

    Ryan R.

    I’ve been leading our Discipleship Groups Ministry for about 2 years now, and we do 6 week breakdowns anywhere from 3-5 different groups, DVD based series, or personalize series etc. Nothing ever on this scale, hands down best I’ve come across. I mean it, one of the best things is that there is no downtime, no boring moments. It’s attention grabbing, educational, entertaining, and the spiritual aspects are great.

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KingdomWorks Studios, 2751 SE Monroe St, Stuart, FL 34997, USA.

Tel: +1 561-681-9990 | Email: [email protected]

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