Conquer Series Volume 2 DVD Set

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Conquer Series Volume 2 continues with five powerful lessons that lead men deeper into their journey to freedom and presents new daily practical techniques to remain free. This volume is designed to continue the journey men started in Volume 1.

In Conquer Series Volume 2 you’ll discover:

  • How to use God’s weapons to find freedom.
  • The science of neuroplasticity and epigenetics.
  • How to develop true intimacy with God.
  • How to foresee a relapse two weeks before it happens and much more.

The Conquer Series, unrivaled in its scope and authority, has become the go-to training course by hundreds of thousands of men, tens of thousands of churches and thousands of counseling centers worldwide in helping men find freedom from porn. Why? It simply works.

Conquer Series Volume 2 completes the entire 10-week Conquer Series course. The episodes include English and Spanish subtitles. The Conquer Series Volume 2 Study Guide is sold separately. Continue the battle with Volume 2 and order today!

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Sobriety from porn within 90 days

Let's be honest, you've prayed, cried and asked God to deliver you from this addiction, but no matter what you do, you can't stop your behaviour. It's not about trying harder, but trying smarter. Men can attain sobriety from porn within 90 days by following the principles in the Conquer Series. But, sexual addiction isn't about sex. This process is about healing the deeper wounds and the shame that drive the behaviour. Porn is like a drug that's used to medicate the anxiety and stress of life.

Our goal is to help men renew their minds, otherwise they will keep relapsing. This biblical process takes 2 to 5 years. There is no quick fix or silver bullet to cure the problem. This is sanctification at its core.

What Is It?
Conquer Series Volume 2 consists of five powerful lessons, plus a bonus leader's episode.
How Long Is It?
Each episode is approximately 30 to 40 minutes in length.
Who Is It For?
For group or individual study.

What others are saying...

  7 customer reviews

  1. B

    Brandon L.

    Having been trapped in pornography for over 15 years, this is the best money I have spent. The DVDs don’t make empty promises – they tell you how hard it is to get free. But at the same time, they show you how to find freedom. I wish every man who’s trapped in this sin would watch it because it would change their life. It has changed my life.

  2. J

    Jennifer D.

    It is a remarkable series! I started another Betray and Beyond group and have been using the DVD series along with our workbooks. I have seen the women have more sensitivity, a little bit more compassion towards their husbands and an understanding that sexual, porn or relationship addiction is not just a moral issue–there so much more to it. One of the ladies wants to buy the series as well!

  3. J

    Jason R.

    I am leading a Men’s Conquer equip class at our church and this DVD series has been so helpful to the 15-18 men that meet together for this class. Understanding how God has made us and also understanding the enemy’s tactics has been key to seeing victories in these men’s lives. I believe God is using this to help bring Revival back to the hearts of Christian men. I strongly recommend its viewing for every Christian man in church today.

  4. S

    Steven f.

    Hi, just wanted to let you guys know the Conquer Series is really amazing! It is an answer to my prayers. It is so well done, and professional. After I watched the first DVD I just sat there watching the credits roll by with tears of thanksgiving to God for what He has done through your ministry. I truly believe this will change America. As men get free from pornography and sexual addiction we are going to see men who God has wanted to use in a mighty way be able to take their places boldly in the Body of Christ, and this nation will be changed! I pray God helps you get this into every single church in the nation, for I know from my own experience that pornography and sexual addiction derailed God’s plan for me, but now there is hope and by God’s grace I will walk in the fullness of what the Lord has planned for me in the future. Thanks again to listening to the Holy Spirit and bringing such a great work of God to fruition no matter what roadblocks the devil brought in your path. May God richly bless every person involved in bringing this great work for God to the Body of Christ.

  5. B

    Briean H.

    I have shown the DVD 2 to our Betray and Beyond group. It was a great success. They are asking to watch the whole series. I will be showing the 4th one here soon. Thanks for the insight they are amazing videos. We watch them together often!!! Amazing training tools.

  6. R

    Ryan R.

    I’ve been leading our Discipleship Groups Ministry for about 2 years now, and we do 6 week break downs anywhere from 3-5 different groups, DVD based series, or personalize series etc. Nothing ever on this scale, hands down best I’ve come across. I mean it, one of the best things is that there is no downtime, no boring moments. It’s attention grabbing, educational, entertaining, and the spiritual aspects are great.

  7. T

    Tammy M.

    I absolutely love this disc series!!! This is how good it is: our 19 and 17 yr. old sons exist in their phones-texting, listening to music. When my husband and I were watching the DVD’s, we saw them looking at it and occasionally look at their phone. Not 15 minutes in, we saw them put down their phones, take the earbuds out of their ears and watch intensely. Each time we put in the DVD’s, the phones went down and they watched and took in all that was being said. Currently, my husband is using this series at the University he works at (with a Life Group of young men through the Spiritual Formation dept.). Each time my husband and I watch this, tears began pouring out of both of us EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT series! – Tammy Miller from Canton, Ohio.

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