Conquer Series Individual Study Bundle Volume 1 & 2

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The Conquer Series Volume 1 & 2 Individual Study Bundle is ideal for a who wants to preview Volume 1 & 2 of the Conquer Series before offering it as a church wide program, or for individuals who would like to take part in the Conquer Series.
The Conquer Series Volume 1 & 2, unrivaled in its scope and authority, is a life-changing, 10-week (2 x 5 week volumes) discipleship study that lays out the battle plan for purity. This bundle includes:

  • The Conquer Series Volume 1 DVD set
  • The Conquer Series Volume 2 DVD set
  • The comprehensive Conquer Series Volume 1 Study Guide
  • The comprehensive Conquer Series Volume 2 Study Guide

This Conquer Series Volume 1 & 2 Individual Study Bundle, hosted by former U.S. Marine fighter pilot and senior pastor, Dr. Ted Roberts, includes 10 powerful 30-45 minute cinematic lessons on five DVDs. Included in the first box set is a 6th bonus disc with a leader’s training video, while Volume 2 contains a bonus 6th disc that will help men find sustained victory even after they finish the series. International Shipping Available.

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  10 customer reviews

  1. R

    Ronald L.

    I currently minister in prison now, and over a 30 year period from my start. I would not only highly recommend this series but have ordered this series 1 and 2 to teach and grow my inmates who have made a promise to study and apply themselves to a higher pursuit of God and His principles of Holiness. I am excited, as their response has been overwhelmingly positive to the preview I offered and the challenge they agreed to.

  2. J

    Jared K.

    The Conquer Series does nothing short of performing heart surgery. It’s the best teaching series I’ve ever seen and I’ve heard other guys say the same. If you’re even thinking about buying it, then I would only tell you that it will be the best investment you could make. If you could have broken the addiction to porn on your own, wouldn’t you have already done it? It has transformed the hearts of men in my group and my own as well.

  3. M

    Matthew C.

    This series has helped change my life. The healing it has caused has revolutionized my relationship with my wife, kids, and people at church. I thank the Lord everyday for this. All men in the church need to put their big boy pants on and go through this. The only thing I regret is not having this info 15 years ago. Thank you so much.

  4. R

    Richard D.

    I’ve seen God use the Conquer Series to grip the hearts of men and bring about life change. We are concluding it today in my men’s group of 25 men from various churches in the Gig Harbor, WA area. Thank you for following God and producing this series! I look forward to using it as a tool for Men’s Ministry for years to come.

  5. M

    Mark P.

    Extremely well done. Not Christian cheese. Definitely not something we talk about much in church, so when we do it is great to have good quality material to present. Took a group of young men from a discipleship house through in the fall and taking men from congregation through in January, can’t wait!

  6. P

    Paul L.

    We had 110 men go through the series recently. We have seen TREMENDOUS change in the men! The video series has brought clarity and understanding by the power of the Holy Spirit! Thank you for your obedience to produce this series. Glory to God!!!

  7. B

    Brandon N.

    Been through it as a newbie and leader and still can’t wait to watch it again. The simple message [is] that we, as men, need to take our roles in life seriously because it will have an impact on generations to come. Cannot wait for my boys to get old enough to share this with them. There was never anything like this when I was young. Thank you!

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